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How to Treat Benign Penile Tumor and Peyronie’s Disease with the Same Method?

Huang WL*

Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil
*Address for Correspondence: Huang WL, Infectious diseases, General Practice, Nutrition, Acupuncture and Pain Management Specialist. Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Rua Homero Pacheco Alves, 1929, Franca, Sao Paulo, 14400-010, Brazil, Phone: +55 16 3721-2437; E-mail:
Submission: 22 May, 2020; Accepted: 26 June, 2020; Published: 30 June, 2020
Copyright: © 2020 Huang WL. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited


Benign penis tumors range from genital ulcers, viral infections, cysts, and diseases of the penile shaft. Peyronie’s disease is an acquired penile deviation (trauma from vigorous sexual intercourse and self-manipulation). In Western medicine, the condition is treated with medication but if symptoms persist, surgical intervention is advised. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), tumors are formed due to the stagnation of Qi and retention of Phlegm
Demonstrate that penile benign tumor and Peyronie’s disease can be treated at the same time by the same method. Methods: Case report, B.M.F., 55-year-old male, with a one-year history of feeling small round lesions on the head of his penis. The general aspect was normal when flaccid. The patient presented no sensitivity or pain. Western medicine’s diagnosis was of a benign penile tumor. The patient had visited several urology specialists but no treatment was prescribed. He then sought the author, physician specialized in traditional Chinese medicine. In TCM, his diagnose was Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood deficiency, and Heat retention. The patient received Chinese dietary counseling, auricular acupuncture with apex-ear bloodletting twice a week.
After 20 auricular acupuncture sessions the patient presented a great improvement of his penile lesions that started to disappear at the third session and was gone completely at the end. The patient had not disclosed to the doctor a second problem he had with his penis, for about one year, for it was curving at 90 degrees when erect in the mornings and a noticeable reduction was occurring down to 45 degrees and then lowering to 30 degrees with the same treatment prescribed for the tumor.
Through this case report, the benign penile tumor was successfully treated at the same time as his Peyronie’s disease, as both had the same root (energy imbalances).


Auricular acupuncture; Chinese dietary counseling; Traditional Chinese medicine; Benign tumor; Peyronie’s disease; Energy


Penile benign conditions come from a change in the cells of the genital but in a non–cancerous condition that will not metastasize and is not life-threatening. Most penile benign conditions will affect the glans (head), shaft, and foreskin. Genital warts, caused by sexually transmissive Human Papillomavirus (HPV), are the most common non-cancerous condition of the penis [1].
The common risks for developing genital warts are unprotected sexual intercourse (including unprotected oral sex), history of HPV infection, multiple sexual partners, sexual activity since an early age, phimosis, not being circumcised, poor genital hygiene, tobacco, priapism and weakened immune system [1].
Little information is available to the clinician and pathologist regarding these lesions. There is no evidence that benign soft tissue tumors undergo malignant transformation [2].
Normally with erection, the elastic membrane expands and elongates symmetrically resulting in a straight erection. In Peyronie’s disease, due to the plaque or nodule, which is a palpable scar in 70% of the cases, the membrane starts to present a lower elasticity provoking the curvature [3]. Erection problems cause the bending of the penis during sexual intercourse increasing the occurrence of micro-traumas that can develop Peyronie’s disease [2].
Studies show that there are several causes of Peyronie’s disease such as traumas and micro-traumas from vigorous sexual intercourse and self-manipulation, also patients with hereditary predisposition can form scars more easily which are responsible for the penile curvature, explaining why the disease can occur in more than one member of the same family [2].
In Western medicine, the disease is separated by two phases, inflammatory and fibrosis. The inflammatory phase is characterized by a progressive curvature associated with pain during the erections and with a plaque or nodule under the skin which is palpable or not. Most of the time the plaque is found at the top of the penis, causing curvature at the top, and/or to one side. Generally, this phase is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. In the second phase when the scar is older, the penis deformity is more defined, surgical intervention would be recommended, but with the disadvantages such as penis shortage, erectile dysfunction, and insertion of manual pumps to induce an erection [4].
The author grounds her construction of treatments by taking into account not only the patient’s symptoms but the roots of the problem, which are the patient’s energy imbalances.
This reasoning began with a patient she treated in 2007, a 70-yearold man whose initial complaints to the author were a pain in both of his legs. He was diagnosed according to TCM with Kidney-Yang deficiency. The author assembled Chinese dietary counseling to the patient and prescribed him acupuncture and auricular acupuncture associated with the apex-ear bloodletting procedure [5,6].
One month after his last session, the patient returned to the author’s clinic to be reassessed. With no intercurrences to claim, he reported great improvement in his legs’ pain. Then he also mentioned a curious encounter he had with his long time ophthalmologist. In a routine consultation, his ophthalmologist was caught by surprise with the result of intraocular pressure. During the treatment with the author of this article, the patient had never before mentioned he was treating a glaucoma condition for about forty years. His intraocular pressure was always above 40mmHg, even with all the different eyedrops prescribed during his treatment. Astonished, his ophthalmologist inquired what he had done differently after all that time that then finally resulted in the lowering pressure of his eye; the patient then told him about this author’s treatment of acupuncture and Chinese dietary counseling [5,6].
Figure 1: Auricular acupuncture points used to treat a benign penile tumor
Based on this study that the author has been presenting at several congresses around the world, she demonstrates that the treatment of several pathologies can be done at the same time by treating the root of the problems and not only the symptoms, even in seemingly nonrelated conditions, by treating the patient's energy imbalance (the root of the problem), Yin, Yang, Qi, and Blood [5,6].


Demonstrate that penile benign tumor and Peyronie’s disease can be treated at the same time by the same method.


A case report of a 55-year-old man with a one-year history of feeling small round lesions on the head of his penis. The macroscopic aspect of his penis when flaccid was normal, you could only notice the presence of the tumor through palpation. It was half centimeters in diameter, round, with a fibro-elastic consistency but not tender. The patient’s urologist diagnosed the condition as a benign penile tumor but did not prescribe any treatment, declaring the condition not lifethreatening, and therefore no measures were necessary, which is a normal procedure within Western medicine.
He then sought the author, a TCM specialized medical doctor who diagnosed the patient with Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood deficiency and Heat retention. The treatment would require a complete change in the patient’s diet, with Chinese dietary counseling prescribed by the TCM doctor.
The Chinese dietary counsel asked first for the avoidance of all dairy products, raw foods, cold drinks, and sweets. Also, it was advised to avoid coffee, soda, matte tea. And finally, it was also recommended to abstain from fried foods, chocolate, honey, coconut, eggs, alcoholic drinks, and melted cheese.
In addition to the diet, the patient was prescribed auricular acupuncture with apex-ear bloodletting twice a week using the following auricular points [7] (Figure 1).
Using the region in the ear corresponding to the external genital area and some auricular acupuncture points to treat his energy imbalance which are Yin, Yang, Qi, and Blood deficiencies, and taking out the Heat retention [7].
Point number 2, Kidney, to treat Yin and Yang deficiency; point 4 for treating the Spleen to treat the Blood deficiency. When treating the Yin, Yang, and Blood energy deficiencies, the Qi energy will automatically improve. Number 9 was the point for apex-ear bloodletting to take out Heat retention; number 10 was also a point for bloodletting to circulate the stagnant energy to improve the benign tumor [7] (Figure 2).
Point number 2, Kidney, to treat Yin and Yang deficiency; point 4 for treating the Spleen to treat the Blood deficiency. When treating the Yin, Yang, and Blood energy deficiencies, the Qi energy will automatically improve. Number 9 was the point for apex-ear bloodletting to take out Heat retention; number 10 was also a point for bloodletting to circulate the stagnant energy to improve the benign tumor [7] (Figure 2).
The patient also related that as a youth, he was very sexually active with prostitutes, so the author asked for some laboratory exams to detect any sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis B and C, but all the results were negative.
Figure 2: Real image of the patient’s ear during the auricular acupuncture treatment.


The patient began to show improvement of the tumor lesions in the head of the penis after the third session of auricular acupuncture. At around the 8th acupuncture session, he then mentioned that he had another related problem with his penis. For a year, he had been experiencing morning erections where his penis would be curved upwards at a 90 degrees angle. He told the author about this because this abnormality seemed to be improving as well. After the prescribed treatment for his benign tumor, the patient also shared that the penile curvature had reduced from 90 to 30 degrees’. However, when he told the author that the improvement had stopped at 30 degrees, it was decided to increase the number of sessions, which furthermore improved the patient’s penile curvature.
This patient is continuing his treatment and seems quite satisfied with the results and very thankful for the kind attention he had received, especially since Western medicine did not offer any reliable solution for his problem. Surgery was the only option suggested where his penis could be scarred, reduced in size, and possibly suffer from erectile dysfunction, not to mention other risks involved in hospitalization and surgery.
After improving the symptoms presented, the patient stopped the treatment on his own and only returned to the author's office after nine years (2019). He had an older appearance, with a few more wrinkles on his body, with a feeling of lack of energy and extreme tiredness.
Asked about the problem of the curvature of his penis, the patient complained that the problem had returned and he was unable to have any sexual relations with his spouse. In this second phase of treatment, the author measured his chakra’s energy through Radiesthesia, using a crystal pendulum.
The result of this measurement was that all the patient's chakras were without energy, except for the seventh, which was normal. Homeopathy was prescribed for him according to “Constitutional Homeopathy of Five Elements, based on traditional Chinese medicine" written by the author, as well as the prescription of crystalbased medication, to be taken for at least one year. Only after this time would a new measurement be made.
In the first week of medication, the patient had returned with a much better appearance, younger, with fewer wrinkles, and with more energy and vitality. He commented that many people noticed the difference and asked what measures he was taking.


In TCM, any formation of “masses” in the body is considered phlegm [8].
Phlegm is the product of a dysfunction of the Spleen-pancreas. When the Spleen-pancreas becomes weakened for some reason, it fails to function as remove of “internal moisture”. The internal humidity that remains stuck in our body, over time, ceases to be fluid and becomes a viscous mass called phlegm [8].
Examples of phlegm in its most varied degrees of involvement: phlegm, synovial cysts, fibroids in the uterus, cysts in the ovary, kidney or vesicle stones, benign or malignant tumors, among others [8].
To remove the Spleen-Pancreas imbalance, the first step in the author’s treatment was a dietary change, as the foods that most lead to the spleen-pancreas imbalance are the ingestion of dairy products, cold drinks, raw foods, and sweets. For this reason, the author advised the patient to avoid all these foods. The diet also guided for the intake of warm water only and all foods to be cooked, even fruits and vegetables. As the patient also had Yin and Yang deficiency, he was also instructed to avoid soda, tea, and coffee, which further imbalances the Kidney’s energy (that was already low) [9].
The patient was also advised to avoid foods so as not to increase the internal Heat that the patient was already presenting, removing the following: fried foods, eggs, chocolate, honey, coconut, alcoholic beverages, and melted cheese. These first guidelines with regard to diet are of the utmost importance for maintaining energy balance because even if the patient proceeds to treatment with auricular acupuncture and does not make dietary changes, this would be a factor to maintain energy imbalance, perpetuating symptoms. Just like Hippocrates always said in his quote: “'Let your food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” [10].
The second tool used by the author to treat the patient’s symptoms was to use auricular acupuncture with apex ear bloodletting. With this procedure, only by regulating the internal energy, Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood and taking out the Heat retention, in addition to treating with auricular acupuncture the disorders of the penis, it was possible to treat all the patient's symptoms, even the one which the author had no knowledge of [11], as described in the case study.
The author used the same reasoning used by Hippocrates, 400 BC: “Natural forces within us are the true healers of the disease [10]".
The measurement of the energy of the chakras was only performed after nine years after their first treatment, therefore, we do not know if the energy deficiency that the patient had on this last occasion could be present nine years previously. However, the treatment is carried out to replace the energy of the chakras that the patient has been currently doing, is of paramount importance to recover the energy that the patient lacks, since the energy of each chakra is responsible for the proper functioning of all organs and systems of the body; and the lack of this energy could lead to other more serious diseases in the near future, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, a greater tendency to myocardial infarction, cancer, among other pathologies [12].
In TCM, several pathologies can be treated by the same method, as they usually come from the same root, being energy imbalances [77].
The medicines used to replenish chakra energy are included in the publication "Can we treat atopic dermatitis without using corticosteroids?" published in the Journal of Pediatrics and Infant, volume 1, 2019 and in the publication “Why do diabetic patients still have hyperglycemia despite diet regulation, anti-glycemic drugs and insulin?”, published in the International Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders in March 2019 [13-15].
The author managed to demonstrate that the treatment of benign tumors of the penis and Peyronie’s disease, can be treated at the same time by the same method. For this, it is important to combine the teachings of Western medicine with those of oriental medicine, as they are currently considered to be different entities, however, one complements the other, and the integration of the two medicines must be made for a more satisfactory and complete result for the patient.


The conclusion of this study is that the benign tumor of the penis and Peyronie’s disease can be treated together by the same technique. For this, we must address the root of the patient's problem, which are energy imbalances.