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Avens Publishing Group is an international, Open Access publisher with over 46 esteemed peer reviewed journals encompassing a broad spectrum of scientific research and technological disciplines like Medicine, Biotechnology, Biology and Pharma. A team of over 1400 experts from Industry and Academia provide editorial support to our journals. Avens is a growing organization with a rigid commitment of serving the scientific and research community by inviting innovations and a vision to encourage the existing scientists, experts and young scientists to enlighten the common society. We publish the best research work only after a critical review and follow an efficient review process that enables us to assess articles within 60 days. We, the team at Avens Publishing Group, are alive to the rapidly growing research and believe in developing mutually beneficial relationships to share our good will with other academic institutions, research organization, scientific international associations and societies. On successful partnership we provide publication support to the organizations. We collaborate with Universities, scientific associations/societies/institutions and seek to explore new advancements in the fields related to Medicine, Biotechnology, Biology and Pharma.

Benefits of Mutual Collaboration:

  • The Journal related to the scientific research of an association/society/institution will include a logo which redirects to further information about the corresponding association/society/institution so that our editorial board members and authors can easily view details on the same.
  • Members of the university/association/society/institution can even join our Editorial Board team.
  • They can publish their research in the related Journals at a minimized cost.
  • Reliable discounts on our Individual and Institutional Memberships to the members of the university/association/society/institution collaborated with us, which provides them an advantage of complete waiver of Open Access publication charges and unlimited submissions for the years that they have subscribed. We believe that collaboration between you and our organization would be beneficial to our joint research efforts and to explore the latest advancements of research in the scientific disciplines. Please complete the form below to initiate possible collaboration. If you need assistance, please contact us at contact@avensonline.org Once your request has been received, our team will contact you shortly.

Collaboration Request Form

We thank you for your interest in collaboration with Avens Publishing Group. We value your interest in collaboration with us and welcome any opportunity to work with you.

Please complete and send us the form below to initiate our collaboration and work together to Advance the World of Scientific Research.