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Food Preservation: Necessity Methods

Food preservation involves preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi (such as yeasts), or other micro-organisms as well as retarding the oxidation of fats that cause rancidity. Preservatives expands the shelf life of food and lengthen the... Read more →

What exactly is Regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine generally refers to the repair or replacement of damaged human tissues and organs. It primarily focuses on regaining the remarkable regenerative capacity of tissue that all people have before birth. Regenerative medicine... Read more →

Land Pollution: An Introduction to Effects and Solution

Land pollution is when humans introduce harmful objects, chemicals or substances, directly or indirectly into the soil in a way that causes harm to other living things or destroys soil or water ecosystems. It can be caused due to agricultural... Read more →

Anti-Obesity Drugs- An Overweight Solution

Obesity is a common, serious and growing problem. Current epidemiological estimates suggest that 1.1 billion people worldwide are above their ideal weight. Consequently, developing obesity treatments that target novel pathways is a growing... Read more →
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