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Mechanism of Gene Expression

Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. And these products are proteins. Genes encode proteins and proteins dictate cell function. Thousands of genes expressed... Read more →

Alzheimer’s disease: Future Scope

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a slow progressive, irreversible disease of the brain that is characterized by impairment of memory and other intellectual abilities. It’s most common form is dementia, a general term for memory loss and... Read more →

Food addiction: Food can be as addictive as drugs

Food addiction is a compulsive overeating with episodes of uncontrolled eating or binging. Junk food is a slang word for foods with limited nutritional value. Junk foods are typically ready to eat foods containing high levels of saturated... Read more →

Drug Over dosage- threat to life

Drug is a substance that changes person’s physical or mental state when ingested or introduced into the body. People take drugs for various reasons such as for medical or recreational purposes. When any drug is introduced into the body... Read more →

Child Protection and Child Welfare

Child protection (sometimes “child welfare”) refers to the protection of children from violence, exploitation, abuse and negligence. It is about keeping children safe from a risk or perceived risk to their lives or childhood.... Read more →
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