Cancer: Life threatening disease

Our body is made up of many millions of cells, they together combine to form tissues and tissues combine to form organs known as organ system, where organs they work together to perform one or more functions, in common cells divide for a certain period of time and then stops dividing and growing, later they reproduce themselves wherever necessary to replace the defective cells. When the cells reproduce themselves rapidly in an uncontrollable version or undesirable or uncoordinated version of cell division leads to cancer.


Apart from normal cells, the cancer cells continue to grow and divide for their whole lives, replicating into more and more harmful cells. The cancerous cells occur due to damage in DNA, where the genetic material alters its structure gives abnormal signals to the dividing cells leads to cancer. Clump of cells are known as tumor, they are of two types one is benign tumors which are not cancerous they do not grow and spread to the extent its not life threatening or harmful, whereas the other life threatening type known as malignant tumors they grow and spread to the other parts of the body and this process of cancerous cells travelling from initial tumour site and spreading to the others parts of the body is known as metastasis.

They may cause due to environmental factors, tobacco smoke, and exposure to harmful radiations leads to defective or altered DNA. Cancer is often thought of as an untreatable, unbearably painful disease with no cure. Moreover, there is a misconception people think that all types of cancer are not treatable and deadly but there are few types of cancer which can be eliminated or reduced the impact extent of disease and treated effectively. People diagnosed with cancer feels helpless without hopes but there are few positive cases to increase the life span of the patient, let’s hope for the best rather than hopelessness.

Journal of Cancer Sciences

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