Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Blood cells are responsible for immune protection and maintenance of every cell type in the body. This relentless and brutal work requires that blood cells, which have the greatest powers of self-renewal of any adult tissue. The stem cells... Read more →

Novel Way to Find Out New Cancer Genes

From an investigation of more than 2,000 tumors covering 12 types of human cancer, scientists have identified 27 new genes that could stop the tumors in its tracks. Researchers said that the discovery of these genes could be useful to find... Read more →

The Advent of Immunotherapy in Treating Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be surprising, unsettling, and scary, but with breakthroughs and advancements in battling cancer growth and development, patients have a better prognosis than ever before. While conventional cancer treatments, such... Read more →
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