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Vitamin D and Breast Cancer

Tumors are made from a mass of unneeded, old or damaged cells. Besides, benign tumor, breast cancer is a malignant tumor, a group of cancerous cells that can grow and spread to surrounding tissues. The cancer spreading to other areas of... Read more →

Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment

There are wide varieties of technologies, which are being used to analyze biological cells to diagnose diseases and develop methodologies to cure diseases. One such technology is ‘Nanotechnology’. Nanotechnology is the engineering of... Read more →

Biomarkers and its significance in medical field

Molecular markers or biomarkers are compounds that are made of protein, DNA or RNA, which help in prognosis of cancer, and also its severity. They also act as carrier molecules to help rapid entry, attachment and spread of malignancy, and... Read more →

Cancer: Life threatening disease

Our body is made up of many millions of cells, they together combine to form tissues and tissues combine to form organs known as organ system, where organs they work together to perform one or more functions, in common cells divide for a... Read more →
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