International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

Editorial Board

Dr. Rayleigh Ping-Ying Chiang is a Director, Sleep Technology SIG (Special Interest Group), INSIGHT (Innovation and Synergy for Intelligent Home and Living Technology) Center, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. His research interests include Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, sleepy driver near misses may predict accident risks.

Dr. S. Mark Taylor is a Deputy Head & Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at Dalhousie University, Canada.
His research interest includes subspecialty areas of Head & Neck Oncologic Surgery, Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.
Dr. Vural Fidan is a Deputy Director of Otorhinolaryngology, Department at Emre Government Hospital, Eskisehir, Turkey. His research focusses on otology, rhinology and sleep medicine. He has attended sleep training at TUTDER. Had published more than 20 articles which were published in SCI indexed journals.

Dr. Jianhua Qiu is a Professor, Chief Physician at Xijing Hospital, the Fourth Military University, China. His research focuses on Otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery, auditory implant, air cells injury and regeneration, cochlea stem cells.

Dr. P. Satyanarayana Murthy is a Professor and HOD of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery at Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, India. Research interests include Head and Neck Surgery, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Micro ear and Laryngeal Surgery, Rehabilitation of Head and Neck Cancer Patients, Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired.


Dr. Mohd Normani Zakaria is Chairman and Assistant Professor in School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia. His research interests in Otology and Neurotology, Auditory Neuroscience, Electrophysiology, Audiological Engineering, Psychoacoustics, Noise & Hearing, Auditory Rehabilitation, etc.

Dr. Jan Christoffer Lüers is an Associate Professor of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Department Of Otolaryngology, University of Cologne, Germany. Clinical and research focus on otology, ear surgery, salivary gland surgery (including sial endoscopy) and benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck.

Dr. Mohamad A. Bitar is an Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at American University of Beirut School of Medicine. Involved in research & teaching field, has published many studies pertaining to his subspecialty & also participated in several national, regional and international meetings, workshops.

Dr. Jizhen Lin is an Associate Professor at the Department of Otolaryngology at University of Minnesota, USA. He has been engaged in otitis media research for years and established rat & mouse middle ear epithelial cell lines for the otological research community.

Dr. John E. Nathan is an Associate Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology, Department of Otolaryngology, Northwestern University. Research focuses on Child Behavioral Research involving both non-pharmacotherapeutic & pharmacotherapeutic management of challenging child behavior in dental setting.

Dr. David Livingstone Alves Figueiredo is an Associate Professor at UNICENTRO-University of Midwest-Brazil. His research interests include Molecular Biology of cancer, Thyroid, Larynx, Skin Cancer, craniomaxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Ted H. Leem is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA. Research interests include the outcomes of a minimally invasive head and neck surgery and targeted therapies in head and neck oncology.

Dr. Abbas A.Younes is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Kentucky, USA. His research interests include Pediatric Airway & obstructive sleep apnea management, in addition to Hearing loss in children.

Dr. Liran Oren is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Cincinnati, USA. His research interest is based on biomechanics, aeroelasticity, and aeroacoustics mechanisms in the vocal folds. Validation of CFD models used in modeling of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Down Syndrome.

Dr. Nausheen Jamal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at Temple University’s School of Medicine in Philadelphia, USA. Her research interest includes Dysphagia, Laryngeal reinnervation, Spasmodic dysphonia, Vocal fold paralysis and paresis, Vocal nodules, polyps, cysts, Swallowing disorders, Airway disorders, Trans-oral laser microsurgery.

Dr. Binoy Chandy is an Assistant Professor at Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, USA. He is also the fellowship director for the pediatric otolaryngology fellowship. His research interests are along the lines of pediatric nasal deformities and speech disorders.

Dr. Kris R. Jatana is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at The Ohio State University, USA. His research interests include complications of pediatric sinusitis, neonatal nasal CPAP use, tracheostomy care, benign & malignant neoplasms of the head & neck, cancer genetics, circulating tumor cells & mechanisms of cancer metastasis.

Dr. Seiji Nakagawa has been a Chief Senior Research Scientist at Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. He also serves as an Adjoint Professor at Nara Medical University and Kansai University. His current research interests are in the imaging of auditory function in humans and developments of medical and welfare equipments.

Dr. Yubing Dai is a Researcher at Center of Nuclear Receptors and Cell Signaling, University of Houston. He is also a Clinical surgeon of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck. His research interest includes inflammation and nuclear receptor, Obstructive sleep apnea/hyponea syndrome, head and neck cancer.