Mind Control Formula over your body (targeted peace of mind)

Do you want to provide a better health for your body and organs then just simply master your brain (mind) and it takes the remaining duty in apt.

*nervous signal + chemical signal = organ functionality

Generally in three main ways that bodily organs and functions are controlled:

mind formula

Through the central nervous system, endocrine system, local self-regulation (which includes intracrine, autocrine, paracrine, and immune regulation)

Although Nerves do not control every tissue and function in the human body, but they do play a large role. Nerves carry orders from the brain and spinal cord in the form of electrical signals. At the end of each nerve’s axon terminals the electrical signals are converted to chemical signals which then trigger the appropriate response in the target tissue.

Then the endocrine system comes in place to play a vital role, the endocrine organs releases the chemical signal namely hormones, through the blood stream these hormones carried out to the entire body where different tissues responds. The response of an organ or system to a hormone depends on how much of that hormone is present in the blood.

Lastly, organs and functions in the body are controlled through local self-regulation. Rather than depend on the brain to dictate every single minute task, An organ can communicate regulatory signals through its interior using localized chemical signals such as paracrine hormone signaling.

Hence the proper ignition of your brain signaling is very important in your body organs healthy functionality journey in your body. The lack of ignition results in absence of functionality (like brain death)

According to so many research reviews the relaxed brain showed attention in many better ways in all aspects of health.

So be cool and get relaxed with peace of mind for your present and future fantablous health.

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