Klinio Review: Diabetes management app

A lot of uncertainty comes with the first diagnosis of diabetes. Questions run through your mind, how do I manage diabetes? How can I lower my blood sugar? How do I come up with a meal plan? Why do I have to lose weight? But managing your diabetes is not as hard of a task as it used to be, as there are myriad diabetes management apps that promise to make life easier and help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Klinio diabetes management app is one of the said apps.

Managing your diabetes without a process or a program to guide you can be quite tasking, but the Klinio app promises that its tools can help you achieve optimal health and help you manage your blood sugar levels. In this Klinio app review, we will be looking at the Klinio app and how it can help support you with its various diabetes management plans.

What is the Klinio App?

The Klinio app was created by a group of professional nutritionists who wanted to create an app that could offer an accessible, personalized diabetes tracker that would help people live a healthy lifestyle that would benefit their body and health, and thus, Klinio was born.

This health app provides a personalized diabetic meal planner and weight management assistant that guides you in managing your diabetes and offers assistance with various other issues like high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, weight gain or loss, and cholesterol management.

The Klinio app provides you with various solutions and features to keep you on track with your personalized meal plan, which consists of the recommended amounts of sugars, carbohydrates and cholesterol, all based on and vetted by professional dieticians and nutritionists.

How does the Klinio app work?

The Klinio app comes with many features that promise to make managing your diabetes a lot easier, and in this Klinio app review, we shall be taking a look at a few of them.

Meal Plan and Diabetes Meal Tracker

Meal planning can be one hell of a chore, figuring out what to eat, in what proportions to eat, and how to choose and find healthy recipes, amongst other seemingly tasking aspects of meal planning. This is why diabetes-friendly meal plans are provided to you on the app, with the counting of macros and sugar consumption have taken care of for you. You must go out and shop; the Klinio app even provides portion sizes and ingredients.

To begin, you’ll first be required to fill out a quiz. This quiz determines what your current diet is and what diet recipes would work for you. Klinio offers a variety of meal plans you could choose from, like the Ketogenic Diet and the Moderate-Carb diet, and if you feel like taking your diabetes care to the next level, you could try the 28-Days No Junk Food Challenge. And after your choice is made, Klinio opens you up to about 45,000 delicious meals from which you can draw up a customizable meal plan. The best part is that the program offers flexible customization of your personalized meal plans; you can decide to change up any part of your menu. In addition, the Klinio program provides easy-to-make meals that only take about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare.

Workouts to help you lose weight

Regardless of your activity level, be it a beginner with no prior workout experience or an expert who already has a personal workout plan, the Klinio app offers a wide array of customizable workout plans vetted by fitness professionals. The diabetes weight loss program exercises are specially tailored to help you effectively maintain your weight and glucose levels.

Interesting Educational Contents

The first few weeks after your diabetes diagnosis can be confusing, and the people at Klinio understand this, this is why the app provides with articles and blog posts that will better help you learn more about diabetes and live a healthy lifestyle free of complications.

Intuitive Data Sync

With the Klinio app’s intuitive data sync, you can easily link your glucose monitor and other smart monitoring devices to the app to allow for easier monitoring of your blood glucose levels with just a tap of your finger.

Why choose the Klinio App?

In this Klinio app review, we shall examine a few reasons why you should choose this app.

Affordability of the App

One of the best things about Klinio is that the app is completely free, but a monthly subscription fee is required. You can pay for a three, six, or twelve-month subscription service for the affordable prices of $12.99, $8.69, and $5.59, respectively. And to get more out of the app, there are some other in-app purchases that you can make.

Effective HbA1c Reduction

People using the Klinio app have said that it helped them reduce their HbA1c by five percent within a few weeks. A reduction has shown to be life-changing as users don’t have to turn to diabetes medications or suffer from other diabetes-related issues.

Equally useful for people who don’t have to manage diabetes

Even if you don’t have diabetes, the Klinio app isn’t entirely useless to you, as you can easily use it to improve your quality of health and manage any other conditions that could be detrimental to your health.


Qualified nutritionists built the Klinio app with diabetes specifically in mind. Its dynamic approach to diabetes control, helping you stay up to date with your treatment plan, is something that achieves fast and effective results.

A diabetes diagnosis is not something one exactly receives with a smile. However, there are ways to manage this condition that ensure you can still live your best life feeling better and healthier without straining your bank account.

Taking advantage of every feature the actual app offers is possibly the best choice you can make in your journey to managing your diabetes.

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