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Is ADHD a Boon for Children?

Attention Deficit Disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder does not depict an out-of-control kid in constant motion, bouncing off the walls and disrupting everyone around.
Some children with ADD/ADHD are hyperactive, while others sit so calm with their attention far away. Some get focused too much on a task and have trouble in getting diverted to something else. Others are only mildly inattentive, but overly impulsive.
Inattention, Hyperactivity and impulsivity are the three primary characteristics of ADD/ADHD. The predomination of these characteristics outlines the signs and symptoms in a child with attention deficit disorder.

Children with ADD/ADHD may be:
• Inattentive, but not impulsive or hyperactive.
• Impulsive and Hyperactive, but pays attention.
• Inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive (the most common form of ADD/ADHD).
Inattentive Signs
Children with inattentive symptoms of ADD/ADHD are often ignored, since they’re not disruptive. Infact, the symptoms of inattention have consequences: getting in hot water with parents and teachers for not following directions; underperforming in school; or clashing with other kids over not playing by the rules.
Hyperactivity signs
The most obvious and predominating sign of ADD/ADHD is hyperactivity. Many children are naturally meant to be quite active, however, kids with hyperactive symptoms of attention deficit disorder always will be in motion.
They may try to do several things at once, bouncing around from one activity to the next. Even when forced to sit still which is a tough task for them their foot is taps, leg is shakes, or their fingers will be drumming.
In addition to the challenges, there are also positive traits associated with people who have attention deficit disorder:
Flexibility –the children with ADD/ADHD find many ways at once and they don’t become set on one alternative early on and are more open to different ideas.
Creativity – Children with ADD/ADHD can be fabulously creative and imaginative. The child who daydreams and has ten different thoughts at once can become a master problem-solver, a fountain of ideas, or an inventive artist. Children with ADD/ADHD may be easily distracted, but many times they even notice unnoticeable things as well.
Energy and drive – When kids with ADD/ADHD are motivated, they work or play hard and strive to succeed. It actually may be difficult to distract them from a task that interests them, especially if the activity is interactive or hands-on.
Enthusiasm and spontaneity – Children with ADD/ADHD feel bored often. They’re interested in a lot of different things and have lively personalities. In short, if they’re not exasperating you (and sometimes even when they are), they’re a lot of fun to be with.
Keep in mind, too, that ADD/ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence or talent. Many children with ADD/ADHD are intellectually or artistically gifted.

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