Introduction to Environmental Studies

Environmental studies are the study of human interaction with the environment and in the interests of solving complex problems. Environment includes which we are directly or indirectly dependent for our survival, whether it is living component like animals, plants or non living component like soil, air and water.

Importance of environmental studies are (a) People have to clarify modern environmental concept like how to conserve biodiversity. (b) Usage of natural resources more efficiently. (c) Try to know the sustainable way of living. The field encompasses study in basic principles of ecology and environmental science, as well as associated subjects such as ethics, geography, policy, politics, law, economics, philosophy, environmental sociology and environmental justice, planning, pollution control and natural resource management. The main factors influencing environmental behaviors: there is waste management behaviors like waste reduce, reuse, Recycle and Recycling Processes.
Reduce: People should make a simple habit to reduce waste by avoiding disposable items like paper products, straws, plastic covers and single serving containers. Pack your lunch or snacks in a box and it does not involve throwing anything away. Avoid food wastes to your trash it prevents lost of nutrients.
Reuse: when we use something again is called reuse. Clothes are used to reuse for the same purpose by washing dirty. People make a habit of donating clothes or unused items to the orphanages or oldage homes.
Recycle: It involves collecting processing and selling products from old materials. Cereal box made with 100% recycled paper and aluminum can only be made from 40% recycled content.
Recycling processes: we can recycle paper, plastic, iron, glass, aluminum and can.
From this we concluded that reduce wastage of resources in the environment and keep our environment clean and healthy for all living things. People should keep goals of environmental conservation and sustainable development and brings to light the various ways of converting waste to wealth.

Journal of Environmental Studies

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