How to Plan Your Wedding Based on Your Moon Sign

We can’t deny the importance of the universe in our everyday life, from the weather conditions to astral characteristics we can find in each other. If you are a big fan of knowing the moon’s influence on your emotions and your inner self, we highly advise you to consider your moon sign when planning such an important event in life.

But what exactly is a moon sign? Sun signs are familiar, such as Virgo, Leo, etc. And those are related to the position of the sun, and on the other hand, moon signs are based on the position of the moon at your time of birth. The moon sign determines your inner self, that portion of your personality that isn’t usually as visible as those characteristics the sun sign represents.

Your moon sign influences all your emotional responses, so when you start your wedding plans, you want to know exactly which effect the moon will have on those emotions. Moon signs can be precisely calculated or based upon a general characteristic such as water, earth, air, and fire signs. This depends on how seriously you take your moon sign. Once you find yours, you can understand aspects of your personality that sun signs couldn’t completely explain.

Now, you might be asking yourself how you could plan your wedding based on your moon sign. To start with, you can get to know yourself and your partners. By identifying each other’s moon signs, you will have a large comprehension of emotional responses that might seem over-reactive or under-reactive. Perhaps you are extra excited about that flower wall you just found at ShipOur.Wedding, and your partner couldn’t care less, which could be explained by your moon signs.

Your connection to the moon can influence the wedding venue selection, the theme, the size of your event, and so many other details. But your connection and your partners don’t flow the same way unless you have the same moon sign, but that is rare. Here are some of each element sign’s main characteristics; you can relate them with your sun sign to easily find yours.

Fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Changing moments such as starting a new life with your partner are experiences you take in with plenty of excitement and full force. You are optimistic, bright, and energetic, and you enjoy having large parties and sharing the moment with your family and friends. Glamorous gatherings filled with luxurious details and plenty of good moments with them are what you dream about. Over-the-top decorations, food, and unique drinks are a must for fire signs.

Water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

You are characterized as being sensitive and emotional when facing important life events. You want a wedding filled with emotional moments, heartfelt speeches, a meaningful first dance song, and intimate gatherings. For you, everything involving emotional moments is fulfilling. Perhaps you want to celebrate your wedding at a family property full of history or a destination wedding to the place where you had your first vacation as a couple or where you got engaged.

Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

As your sign says, you are grounded, down to earth, and dream about having a traditional wedding with plenty of quality details instead of splurging in glamour. For earth signs, the most important thing in life is practicality, and they are not willing to spend all their budget or savings on a one-time celebration. However, they also enjoy having statement-quality pieces. Stability gives them peace, so they might have it all figured out early on and won’t allow many last-minute changes.

Air signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Social interactions are thriving for air signs. They enjoy talking to everyone and will most likely give a glorious speech. Majestic outdoorsy venues are ideal for an air sign; having unique statement pieces of décor or experiences is what they gravitate towards. Their uniqueness can also flow through their wedding attire. They love to incorporate statement pieces like a flower wall to take amazing photos with their guests and upload them to social media.

Your moon sign and the wedding details

Elements like the location of your wedding venue can impact your wedding and your moon sign. Find out if, according to your moon sign, a traditional wedding venue with a closed concept and classic touches is best for you or if it would be better to opt for an outdoor location with plenty of space and air flowing through the entire place. Although it is a space, the specifics can impact your emotions depending on your moon sign.

The date of your wedding could also affect your emotions. The moon’s position on the day you choose to tie the knot impacts you and your partner. Perhaps you could have an overly emotional day instead of a calm one due to the moon’s influence in your sign. There are specific dates when the moon increases the romanticism and spirituality of a wedding, and you can dive into the moon’s specifics over your sign.

Taking in the signs of the universe is a great practice because it helps you greatly understand your emotions during certain situations, and most importantly, you get to know your partner deeper. Perhaps you will stop blaming each other for overreacting or having stubborn behavior during your wedding planning if you have enough information about your moon signs and how it affects your emotions.

Weddings filled with spiritual details are most likely to keep the stress level at its lowest, so if you are into sun signs, we highly recommend you take a look into moon signs and apply what you have learned so far to keep emotions under control and have the best of times planning your big celebration. Your wedding should be a great experience in your life, one you remember for the amazing time you had and the many moments spent alongside your loved ones.

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