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Gene Therapy: Recent Trends and Advances

Gene therapy is an experimental technique for collecting defective genes that are responsible for disease development i.e.Gene manipulation. The most common type involves inserting a normal gene to replace an abnormal/ defective gene. In future, this technique allows doctors to use to treat a disorder for inserting a gene into patient cells instead of surgery. The recent clinical success has lead to improved awareness with several articles of scientific and popular publications.

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Types are Somatic and Germ line gene therapy. In somatic cell gene therapy, the therapeutic genes that are transferred into any cell other than a gamete, germ cell, gametocyte or an undifferentiated stem cell. Such modifications will affect the individual patient only, and are not inherited by progeny. Somatic gene therapy represents typical basic and clinical research, in which therapeutic DNA is used to treat a disease where as in Germ line gene therapy; sperms or eggs are modified by the introduction of functional genes, which are incorporated in to their genomes, which allows the therapy to be inheritable and passed on to future generations.

Gene therapy depends upon the delivery of corrective genes. A viral vector is a tool which is frequently used to deliver genetic material in to cells. This can be performed either by invivo or invitro. Viruses are used as delivery tolls and as vectors to introduce the hereditary material in to the bodies. If these viruses are inactivated, they are not capable to produce Adenoviruses, Herpes viruses and Retroviruses. New techniques to “mend broken hearts” by Gene therapy and stem cells represent a major new frontier in the treatment of heart disease.

Researchers said that the cocktail of genes which are used to regenerate cells are one day replaced with small drug like molecules which are safer and easier delivery. Another recent trend is to combine Cellular and Gene therapies for the development of Breast cancer. In this process T-cells move through tissue and recognize and directly to destroy tumor cells. Gene therapy is also used to prevent inherited neurological syndrome. Scientists are hoping to isolate a big hand gene to give the people the power of fly/flight.

Journal of Gene Therapy

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