7 Rewarding Careers in Education Students Should Know About

Education is the foundation of any industry or sphere. It is at the core of societal development and functioning. That’s why it is one of the most rewarding spheres to work in. It allows working with people and making a positive change. If you are considering working in education, you must know about all the available possibilities.

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It is the most known position one can aim at in education. It is gratifying as you get to work with others and make an impact on their learning and worldview. It allows for creating positive change in a community or society. Also, it has a decent level of creativity, which is always great. And there are many career growth opportunities available, such as sen teacher jobs. Teachers need strong communication and people skills along with high emotional intelligence.

There are many types of teaching positions to consider, for instance:

  • School teacher;
  • TEFL teacher;
  • Special education teacher;
  • Career coach;
  • Home-school teacher;
  • Vocational teacher.

Another advantage is that teachers get more free days than most other professions. So you get to keep your summer vacations even after graduation.

Chief Academic Officer

It is a high-level position for experienced professionals. It is very prestigious and well-paid. But students will have to work to get there; it is not available for fresh graduates. The reason is that it requires a lot of expertise and practice in the educational sector.

CAO direct, plan, and coordinate study programs. They conduct research in this sphere and develop particular courses for academia. Usually, they work with college or university programs. Sometimes you can apply for such a position with a Master’s degree and several years of experience. But many such jobs require PhDs.

College Professor

This career is perfect for those who are passionate about education and research. It combines an ability to teach others and continue your academic work. And it comes with a good salary and several perks like long vacations. The main focus is teaching students a subject they know about, like Engineering, Science, Literature, or Psychology. As an advanced career, it requires a lot of experience.

Students interested in becoming a professor might start their journey in college. They can work as professor assistants or graduate student instructors. Becoming a professor takes a decent amount of effort to gain education, certification, and experience. But you’ll work in an exciting environment. Passionate individuals and innovative studies will surround you.


If you want something calm and non-teaching, you can become a librarian. Librarians play a crucial role in this industry. Yet they get to enjoy a bit less hectic surroundings. They manage libraries and all types of information sources available. You’ll also maintain books, digital sources, and study applications.

Also, there is a space to develop various library activities and programs. Usually, students will need a BA and/or MA to apply for the job. However, it is a perfect career for people with strong organizational skills and attention to detail. And you’ll get to read a lot if it is something you love.

School Counselor

Counselors work with students, teachers, professors, and other members of the educational process. They offer counseling and consultations regarding studies and/or personal affairs. They also promote mental health awareness. In addition, they may develop programs to teach students about mental health practices and give tips on the useful platforms to use (not the best research paper writing services, unfortunately). The goal is to endorse their overall well-being.

Also, school counselors assist with resolving conflict situations. They identify potential abuse situations and help those needing appropriate professional assistance. It is a critical position that is directly linked to helping others in making their lives better.

School Principal

It is another advanced position students might be interested in. It is on the administrative side of the industry. Principals are in charge of everything in schools, from programs to sports events and festivities. It is a demanding yet rewarding position for those good in management, organization, and leadership.

Principals also maintain public relations with parents, the community, and higher education authorities besides the school. The area of responsibilities covers hiring professionals, implementing policies, and constant improvement of curriculum.

To become a Principal, one needs a diploma in School Administration, specific certification, and several years of experience in the field.

Corporate Trainer

You can become a private or corporate trainer. It is great if you are interested in teaching besides traditional institutions. It is one of the best options regarding flexibility and salary opportunities. Corporate trainers work to teach company employees a particular skill, competency, or activity. For instance, you can be a cybersecurity expert or mortgage trainer.

You’ll need to be an expert that can easily explain various concepts to groups of people. It is a creative position that allows using innovative techniques and approaches. Some trainers work for one company full-time. Others might work for consulting firms or offer their services freelance.

In Summary

Students who want to work in the education sector will be able to enjoy several significant benefits. It brings emotional fulfillment and the ability to make a positive impact on everyday life. Whether you prefer working with people, books, or systems, there are fantastic options to choose from.

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