Is Weight Loss Surgeries Effects on Bone Marrow Mass and Bone Marrow Fat

Bone marrow is the place where the blood cells are produced and it is the tissue where the large bones comprise. It consists of two types of stem cells i.e hemopoietic which can produce blood cells and stromal can produce fat, cartilage and bone.

Two types of bone marrow:
1. Red Marrow
2. Yellow Marrow

Red Bone Marrow arises red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Yellow Bone Marrow arises white blood cells.bone_biopsy_pevis

Red bone marrow mainly present in flat bones such as hip bone, breast bone, skull, ribs, vertebrae and shoulder blades, and in the cancellous (“spongy”) material at the proximal ends of the long bones femur and humerus. Pink Marrow is found in the hollow interior of the middle portion of long bones.
There are so many serious diseases involving bone marrow. In case of severe blood loss, the body can convert yellow marrow back to red marrow in order to increase blood cell production.
Bone marrow fat is unique fat that regulates the bone metabolism. If bone marrow fat is in increased in state then the bone marrow mass will be low under the overweight condition and in diabetes.

In a study of obese women undergoing gastric bypass surgery, increases in bone marrow fat were associated with a greater decline in bone density. If in diabetic women undergoing the surgery, improvements in blood sugar control were associated with decreased marrow fat.
The findings suggest that blood sugar metabolism and weight loss may influence marrow fat, which in turn may affect bone health. That is why the surgeries effect the Bone marrow mass and fat.

Journal of Hematology & Thrombosis

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