Is Diet Products Makes us Fat

According to the new study from one of the university warned that Diet foods, which are low in fat and high in sugar may contribute to weight gain and causes other health related problems like liver damage and inflammation of brain.

Most of the diet products containing low or no fat but have an increased amount of sugar and are camouflaged under fancy names giving the impression that they are healthy. But the reality is that those foods may damage the liver.


Some of the researchers were done a clinical study on rats and they came to know about the diet products. They took three groups of rats for this clinical study and they gave a food containing high sugar and low fat items. Over a four weeks period researchers monitored body weight and calorie intake, body composition and fecal samples in three groups of rats.

One group of rats consumed a diet high in fat and sugar and another group was feed with a low fat and high sugar diet and third group was normal balanced diet. Both the low-fat, high-sugar and high sugar and fat groups were increase in liver fat, body weight, and body fat when compared to balanced diet. Hence proved by taking the diet products it leads to weight gain.

The non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused by fat buildup in the liver, and serious forms of the disease can result in liver damage comparable to that caused by heavy alcohol use. The unbalanced diets also induced chronic inflammation in the intestinal tract and brain.

Journal of Nutrition & Health

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