Genetic Disorders of Syndromes

Definition of Syndromes: A group of symptoms which consistently occur together, or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.

The syndrome is a disease that has more than one identifying symptom or feature. Each syndrome will have a particular genetic syndrome and have typical features and it is depending on the aspect of development are affected by abnormal genes.

In case a child might bear with baby deformities and abnormal organ function, it will be effected on heart, kidney, brain, or gut. And also as neurological problems will come on i.e., Baby’s body floppy or bottle feed etc.

How to Find Specific Genetic Syndromes?

Klinefelter’s Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Triple X syndrome, etc..

Klinefelter’s Syndrome: The Klinefelter’s Syndrome is also called as XXY male. These will occur in men who have an extra X chromosome. These syndromes will affect in different stages of languages and social development and languages.

For Example These most common symptoms in boys i.e., many boys will be taller than the other boys compared to their age, with more fat around the belly, lower energy, and weaker bones, etc..

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