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Diabetes is a growing epidemic and having Diabetes puts people at increased risk of Heart, Kidney diseases. One can lower the risk by keeping blood glucose, blood cholesterol close to the recommended levels in the body as suggested by the physician. Global clinical trial called “Liraglutide Effect and Action in Diabetes Evaluation of Cardiovascular Outcome Results”. This worldwide effort of many institutions marks the first time a diabetes drug with the main goal of lowering blood sugar has been demonstrated. The injectable diabetes medicine liraglutide safely and effectively lowers the Heart and Kidney Complications.

To determine the effects of liraglutide on cardiovascular and kidney health, 9,340 adults with Type 2 diabetes at high risk of heart disease were randomly assigned to receive either liraglutide or placebo (inactive treatment). Participants taking placebo were also able to take additional medicines to control their blood sugar, and everyone in the study received medicines to address associated health problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

At the end the result of the study on liraglutide demonstrates that:
Liraglutide, the glucose-lowering drug safely and effectively reduces the overall risk of heart complications and death among people with type 2 diabetes who are at high risk for Cardiovascular disease.
• There also was demonstrated a reduction in all-cause mortality and kidney disease.

Clinical study shows that a combination of two diabetic drugs degludec and liraglutide – was better in maintaining blood sugar than were traditional basal insulin shots. Present days so many medications are available in the market to treat type 2 diabetes, these sorts of clinical trials are invaluable measures of a drug’s true benefit. At present, liraglutide is clearly showing it is one of the best second-line therapies available. Yet, it would be best if we could reduce the burden of this disease with preventive measures, this is why early screening and interventions remain incredibly important.

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