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The Best Baby Gifts by Zodiac Signs

When a friend or family member announces their pregnancy, one of the considerations you’ll face is what sort of baby gift you’ll offer at their baby shower or at the time of the baby’s birth. Of course, there are common gifts for new parents and their newborn—perhaps a rattle, stroller, burp cloth, or baby blanket.

For particularly meaningful baby girl or baby boy gifts, you’ll want to put a bit more effort into your choice. Sure, the infant might not recognize your perfect gift as such, or won’t until they’re older. But their parents will be touched to find out you thought through finding a gift tailored to a unique feature, like their baby’s zodiac sign.



As a daredevil-in-training, a baby Aries’ perfect gift lets them beat boredom. Gift them a toy with bright colors and lots of functions for the Aries baby to interact with.



Even as an infant, a Taurus is, at heart, a homebody. Gift them a built-in cuddle buddy with a plush toy–one that’s specially made for babies will be particularly cuddly.



Like their adult counterparts, the baby Gemini is creative and curious. Find them an educational gift, particularly one that focuses on imaginative skills like art or music.



A sensitive Cancer baby will love a gift that gives them the comfort they naturally crave. Browse baby blankets to find one that keeps them snuggled up and cozy.



This little lion cub likely has a big personality from birth! A child-sized drum set, keyboard, or musical table will help their star shining brightly from the toddler years on.



A Virgo will inevitably want to be helpful, fixing problems and broken things around them. For an option ready for a Virgo baby, try a toy toolset to let them embrace their natural handiness from a young age.



Libras are notorious for being in a crowd and likely daydreaming from within it. Treat a newborn Libra to a fantastic toy, like a toy dragon or unicorn, who’ll offer a friend and flight of fancy in one fell swoop.



From a young age, a Scorpio will prove to be unflinchingly loyal and devoted. Use some of Mom and Dad’s favorite photos with their newborn to create a book or other photo gift to strengthen their family ties from the start.



A Sagittarius baby is naturally friendly, so it’s only natural that the perfect newborn gift will help them develop their social side. Find them a gift that can help foster friendships with grown-ups and fellow babies alike! A teddy bear, for instance, can be an easy conversation starter as they meet new people—although that chat might be one-sided for a while.



A Capricorn baby will grow up remarkably fast–these little horned goats take on responsibility and duty from an early age. Help this old soul into that pseudo-adult role with a piggy bank they can save in for years to come.



Throughout a lifetime, an Aquarius will long for personal freedom in all its forms. This bohemian baby will love a crib mobile that helps fuel these alternative daydreams. Opt for one that utilizes birds in flight or cosmic heights to emphasize the esoteric outlook



An emotional Pisces baby will thrive on all things imaginative. A shape sorter is a perfect gift to unite their imagination with more grounding, practical skills to help them grow.

Whether you use your loved one’s due date to consider their baby’s suspected zodiac sign, or you choose the perfect gift once they come into the world and you know for sure, use the common traits of each zodiac sign to find a baby gift the newborn will cherish for a lifetime.

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