New Clinical studies about Psilocybin

New Clinical studies about Psilocybin Scientists have been doing studies about Psilocybin for years. Psilocybin is majorly found in species of mushrooms called the Panaeolus cyanescecens. There are, other types of mushrooms that contain the latter in small amounts. While selecting the mushrooms that contain the psilocybin, it is vital to be keen on the specific species as some look similar to it but they could be poisonous.

People tend to be highly tolerant of Psilocybin because it does not bring along drug-seeking behaviours and also it does not have any reinforcing properties. Its users are not prone to withdrawal symptoms, thus its high tolerance rate. The drug does not cause dependence and it gets more effective if administered at 5mg or above. The cap of a mushroom contains the largest amount of the hallucinogenic alkaloids in a mushroom. Its consumers usually feel the effects of the latter after thirty minutes of ingestion. The results mostly last for three to four hours as long as they are ingested in the right amounts and quality.

Assumptions from the recent studies on Psilocybin and how it will disturb the pharma market 

Various companies in the pharmaceutical industry have been engaged in researches to make discoveries about the magic mushroom. By using the data that they acquired from recent Psilocybin drug administrations to patients and new administrations from the improvisation of the same drug, scientists have noted many things about the future of the industry. From their observations, patients that ingested anti psychedelic drugs barely gained their desired results in the time they expected and they felt blunted. It is not the case for people using Psilocybin as they felt the results in a short while.

The researchers have also seen a benefits of the Psilocybin Mushrooms drug as it is profoundly useful in the treatment of resistant depression. There has been barely any drug that has proven to be effective in treating chronic depression and with such effectiveness of the Psilocybin, everyone believes that the pharma industry will be adversely affected by the new introduction of the medications to the industry. The drugs are already taking over the industry and some companies have made them their most reliable anti-depressants.

The FDA has also approved the drugs and in the deal that the venture signed with the Compass Pathways Company, anyone that does not show signs of improvement in their depressions after the administration of more than two therapies will benefit adversely from Psilocybin. Over 17 million Americans suffering from depression are likely to benefit from the drug after their clinical testing is over. The introduction of psilocybin will also see companies adopt a dynamic approach towards the drug responsiveness for their clients.

Some companies are also on the run to administer the oral single dosage drug to clients with the target of knowing how they respond to it. If the response is fast and effective, other anti-depressants will have no value in the market.

The ability of Psilocybin to stabilize brain regions that work together to bring better coordination to people and give positive thoughts to them makes it the best option for scientists to act as an antidepressant. Psilocybin treats depression, addictions, psychological distress, anxiety and much more!

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