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Is medical tourism worth it? 3 benefits you should know

Many people associate tourism with vacations in exotic places, sightseeing and getting to know other cultures, languages and cuisines. But in reality, it can offer much more than just the opportunity to enjoy sunny weather far away from home. One of the fastest-growing branches of the tourism industry in recent years is medical tourism. Such offers are aimed at people who are looking for possibilities of undergoing health and beauty related procedures such as weight loss surgery or breast augmentation abroad. Where does the popularity of this option stem from? What are the benefits of medical tourism?

Significantly shorter waiting times

Even if the type of treatment you seek is covered by public healthcare and available at your local hospital, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get the medical attention you want straight away. The reason for this is simple – the waiting list for non-urgent procedures in public hospitals can be long and, depending on the type of operation, range from weeks to even months. On the other hand, there’s a big chance that the same type of surgery will be available right away abroad. Many private clinics specialise in treating foreign patients, also known as medical tourists, and offer comprehensive services capable of providing the same level of care you’d get at home but with little or no waiting time.

Treatments abroad are often more affordable

While avoiding long waiting times is the biggest concern when it comes to surgeries covered by public healthcare, in other cases looking for more cost-effective options is just as important. For example, patients have to pay for cosmetic surgery and treatments themselves unless such procedures are deemed to be medically necessary. Unfortunately, private medical care can be really expensive, and for many people funding surgeries to improve their looks, fight obesity, or fix their insecurities may be difficult or even close to impossible. This is where the biggest benefit of medical tourism comes in – such surgeries and treatments abroad can be a lot cheaper! This means that instead of having to save money for a long time and pay a fortune to get the body of your dreams, you can simply look for more affordable options abroad.

High standards of medical care

Although healthcare standards are improving globally, many patients still feel uncertain about going abroad for medical treatments. And while such doubts are, in many cases, based on the quality of medical care and education in certain countries, choosing a clinic in the European Union eliminates this issue. European-wide standards aim to give patients from all member states of the EU access to procedures and treatment at an equally high standard. However, patients are advised to carefully check offers from clinics to ensure they are posted by trustworthy and well-qualified medical professionals. Instead of looking for the cheapest price, it’s best to choose a clinic with years of experience and great reviews. If you are wondering where to go for treatment, Poland is certainly a destination worth considering. It offers a very high standard of medical care combined with very competitive prices. An example of a clinic in Poland that specialises in treating both local and international patients is KCM Clinic.

Thanks to the medical tourism industry, patients from Ireland can easily access all kinds of medical treatments abroad – without long waiting times, huge costs, and in perfectly safe conditions. There’s no longer a reason to postpone your surgery or forgo treatment due to lack of availability or lack of money. Look for the best options for your health and include opportunities from other countries in your decision-making process.



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