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How Can a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Help with Your Therapy     - Avens Blog | Avens Blog

How Can a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Help with Your Therapy    

Today’s world is full of advances in science and technology, including those that help with physical therapy. The journey for those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other pulmonary conditions can be a difficult one. However, it’s a type of battle many brave through to improve their quality of life.

Several things can ensure you have an easier time with your therapy, and there are many benefits of using a portable oxygen concentrator and other equipment.

What Aids In The Battle Against Pulmonary Conditions?

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) provides oxygen to help make breathing easier for those who need it. It can be extremely helpful in physical therapy, allowing better overall mobility and range of motion. It also allows for more energy during exercise, which is very beneficial in improving your quality of life.

As an addition to your therapy, it can be very helpful. Instead of going to the clinic for treatments, you can stay home and get them done more conveniently. It also allows for increased freedom of movement.

A POC is a type of respiratory medical equipment that delivers oxygen through a non-medical supply. A POC is smaller and more portable than any other respiratory equipment in many cases. It allows for better mobility and convenience when going about your day-to-day life. A Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) provides oxygen to help make breathing easier for those who need it.

What Does A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Do?

A POC delivers oxygen through a non-medical supply, allowing individuals with COPD and those with other pulmonary conditions to receive a constant supply of oxygen. There are multifold benefits of using a portable oxygen concentrator, and it is efficient equipment to aid in therapy.

POCs provide a reliable and straightforward way to deliver supplemental oxygen to patients who need it for their therapy sessions or just everyday life. It offers discreteness and convenience that traditional oxygen delivery methods such as cylinders and nasal cannulas are not always available.

How Does A Portable Oxygen Concentrator Help With Physical Therapy?

A POC can provide oxygen for your pulmonary therapy sessions or even throughout the day, allowing you to gain increased mobility and better overall quality of life. A POC is lightweight and portable; therefore, it doesn’t restrict you from daily life.

It provides the same benefits as traditional oxygen delivery methods but is more mobile and convenient. It’s able to deliver up to 88% pure oxygen, allowing you to gain better movement during therapy sessions or just throughout the day.

The benefits of using a portable oxygen concentrator include:

Greater Range Of Motion:

It allows you to gain more movement during physical therapy, and for those who need it, this can be a lifesaver. Because you have increased oxygen throughout your body and during physical therapy sessions, the amount of energy required to complete tasks is lessened; therefore, providing you more energy overall.

Increased Mobility:

A POC allows for increased mobility and range of motion, a key element in physical therapy. It will enable you to move and not feel restricted because of your therapy or medical equipment.

The ability to leave the house alone while still receiving your therapy is a great help to many people dealing with pulmonary conditions, including COPD.


A POC is lightweight enough for anyone to use it throughout their day-to-day life. It’s a great help to those with COPD and other pulmonary conditions who want the convenience of receiving oxygen when they need it without being restricted by traditional delivery methods.

Increased Freedom:

Instead of having to go from the comfort of your home for your therapy sessions, you can receive them in your home. It’s a great help to those who need therapy but cannot travel far in order to get it.

Not Having To Wait:

A POC can deliver oxygen on demand, whenever you need it. This convenience allows for increased mobility and the ability to not have to wait to get your therapy session done. It helps you get the therapy you need when it’s inconvenient for other methods.


A POC can fit in small places to not interfere with your daily life. It allows you to take your therapy wherever you go, helping to keep up quality of life and preventing further lung issues when possible.

Easy To Use:

A POC is easy to set up and requires minimal instructions, allowing easy use. Because it’s so versatile and portable, you can even take your POC on a plane with you when traveling! Any activity that increases your oxygen levels is good for someone who has COPD or other pulmonary conditions.

These are just some benefits that a POC offers. In conclusion, a POC is an excellent piece of respiratory medical equipment that allows for increased mobility and convenience during therapy sessions or throughout the day.


In conclusion, a Portable Oxygen Concentrator is an excellent tool for those with COPD as it provides increased mobility and convenience when receiving your therapy sessions. It allows for more freedom than traditional methods of delivery as it is lightweight and portable and can deliver oxygen on demand whenever you need it.

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