Decluttering 101: A Student’s Guide to Keeping a Tidy and Organized Living Space

Often people do not realize how much their environment affects their mood and productivity. For example, a messy room isn’t particularly inspiring. On the other hand, when your space is clean and organized, it is easier to focus on essential tasks and feel more happy overall. This guide will give students the best tips for decluttering and organizing living spaces.

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Why Decluttering Matters

First of all, let’s define why it is vital to keep your living space in a tidy condition and declutter:

  • You will get more free time when you do not need to care for things you are no longer using or enjoying;
  • You will be able to organize your possessions easier after decluttering;
  • According to statistics, people spend about 150 days in their lifetime looking for misplaced things. By managing your storage, you can avoid this;
  • You will be able to focus on what matters instead of focusing on possessions;
  • Clutter and mess contribute to stress and anxiety, and by tidying up, you can reduce this impact;
  • Unclean spaces have a lot of dust, allergens, dirt, and bacteria that can cause health issues.

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Decluttering Basics

Before organizing your possessions into a comprehensive system, you need to eliminate clutter. Decluttering does not equal minimalism. It is an action, while minimalism is a lifestyle. So there is no need to strip yourself from all items.

Students decide on their own how deep the decluttering will go. And they also can apply any of the available methods that work for them. For example, Mario Kondo’s tidying-up methods are very effective. But the main downside is that she recommends decluttering everything at once. It can feel overwhelming and can also take a lot of time. Moreover, it is unrealistic for many students as they are busy with many responsibilities.

If you are new to this, it is easier to start with the basics, namely:

  1. Declutter one space at a time. It can be one room or shelf, depending on your time and resources.
  2. Divide things into three piles: “keep,” “donate,” or “throughout.” Donate and recycle everything you can.
  3. Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in a year. You probably won’t wear them at all.
  4. Consider selling items in good condition that you do not need;
  5. Think realistically about your possessions and how happy they make you. If the item has no use or emotional value, you probably do not need it.
  6. Be conscious about your buying habits. Pay attention to what motivates you to buy things and whether you actually need those specific items.
  7. Set a deadline to declutter all of your spaces individually. It will keep you accountable and on schedule.

Tips for Tidying Up and Organizing Your Space Effectively

Decluttering is just one of the habits that make your space more comfortable and livable. Usually, it is enough to do a deep declutter once a year. In other periods, students can be less meticulous with this process. However, if you need to do it more often, just set the schedule that works for you.

Also, it is crucial to create useful tidying up and organizational habits to avoid a mess.

Start with Big Chunks

When you need to clean, start with the enormous pile. It is the one that draws attention as soon as you enter your room. After you are done with it, you will feel much better immediately. And all other tasks will feel easy.

Regularly clean your closet and work desk, as those spaces become messy quickly.

Work from Top to Bottom

When cleaning the whole room, work from top to bottom. This way, all the dust will go on the floor you’ll clean last. So you won’t need to swipe it several times.

Start with the highest shelves and go down from there. Finally, the floor will be the finishing touch of the whole cleaning.

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Choose the Suitable Tools

Cleaning is easy when you use the right tools and methods. There is a reason for different cleaning products for various surfaces and types of dirt. For example, bathroom products are usually acid-based to deal with rust and limescale. Dishsoap is helpful for almost any kind of general cleaning. Harsh chemicals are only for hard-to-deal spots.

Another trick to deal easier with hard stains is to let them sit with the product on. Every cleaning product needs time to work. After some time, the stains will be dramatically easier to remove. It is particularly essential for bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

Organize Your Items

Create a system that works for you. For example, it can be a color-coding for clothes or hang-on door storage for shoes. The organization makes it easier to find anything you need. Also, it gives a better idea of how many things you have. Use labels to set categories and utilize all available storage space (like hidden storage in the furniture pieces).

Apply the same principles to your digital devices. For example, clean the memory regularly and create shortcuts for crucial resources like the best assignment writing services or academic databases.

In Summary

A clean space makes it easier to focus and stay productive. In addition, it increases your mood and overall life satisfaction. Cleaning and decluttering don’t have to be difficult and stressful. Students can easily organize their spaces with these tips and a steady approach.

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