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Can White Maeng Da Kratom Aid Your Panic Attacks? - Avens Blog | Avens Blog

Can White Maeng Da Kratom Aid Your Panic Attacks?

A panic attack episode refers to being engulfed in a sudden yet debilitating wave of fear. It elicits a similar physical response to a fight-or-flight reaction without apparent external stressing stimuli or physical threats. The symptoms of a panic attack include; trembling, sweating, difficulty breathing, elevated heart rate, hyperventilation, dizziness, and hot and cold flashes.

Despite their intensity, panic attacks wear off in minutes and cause no physical harm. However, the psychological toll is immense, especially for people with panic disorder. Fortunately, prescribing to white Maeng Da Kratom dosage for pain may help manage the symptoms, as shown below.

1.   It Supports Adherence to Exercise Routines

Although panic attacks often feature no apparent trigger, stress is usually an underlying factor. However, exercising is among the most effective natural stress management techniques. So, establishing a regular exercise routine is one way to help reduce panic attack occurrence frequency.

However, lethargy and demotivation may inhibit your desire to exercise; fortunately, white Maeng Da kratom can counter both impediments. The kratom strain is a potent natural stimulant that gives you bouts of energy without the jittery side effects typical of other stimulants.

Second, its alkaloids also bind to the endogenous opioid system’s receptors and mediate an increase in dopamine signaling. Dopamine is the signaling molecule that regulates the motivation and reward cycle in the brain. Therefore, besides boosting energy, white Maeng Da also increases your drive to exercise.

Also, note that fatigue is common after a panic attack episode. So, white Maeng Da’s energizing and motivation properties may help you bounce back and overcome any stigma you may feel from the attack.

2.   It Supplements Yoga

Relaxation techniques and mental exercises like yoga and meditation also help reduce the intensity and frequency of panic attack occurrence. During a panic attack, you may feel like you are having a cardiac arrest, going insane, or even like you are dying. However, despite the intensity, none of those things are happening.

Yoga is about connecting the body, mind, and spirit, clearing cluttering thoughts from your mind, and focusing on the moment to keep you grounded. A regular yoga routine helps you find clarity, serenity and find your bearing in daily stressful situations. So, yoga helps you remain grounded amid a panic attack and distinguish the real from the unreal, thus lowering the attack’s intensity.

White Maeng Da has a strong relaxation effect, hence why most yogis use it after yoga. The kratom strain helps intensify and prolong the feelings of clarity, acceptance, and positivity synonymous with practicing yoga. Therefore, it can help make your panic attacks more bearable.

3.   It Is A Mood Enhancer

Individuals whore more susceptible to stress, and those who often experience negative emotions have a higher predisposition to panic attacks. Therefore, people suffering from anxiety disorders and depression are more likely to experience panic attacks or develop panic disorder.

Mental health issues like anxiety and depression lower your quality of life, so adding panic attacks to the mix only makes life seem more unbearable. However, white Maeng Da features antidepressant properties that could elevate moods.

White Maeng Da kratom’s alkaloids also bind to endogenous opioid system receptors and trigger an increase in serotonin production. Serotonin is a hormone that primarily functions by maintaining mood balance and promoting feelings of wellbeing. Therefore, white Maeng Da may help manage panic attacks indirectly by managing depression and anxiety symptoms.

4.   Facilitates Muscle Exercises

Muscle tension is yet another panic attack symptom; it is also common among people struggling with stress and anxiety. However, regularly practicing muscle relaxation exercises like progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) helps you manage muscle spasms when they occur. PMR is a simple technique that entails tightening and releasing different muscle groups at intervals progressively from the toes to the head. When taken, White Maeng Da Kratom induces a relaxation effect on the muscles.

The relaxation effect supplements muscle exercise techniques and enhances their effectiveness. Therefore, the kratom strain may help make muscle spasms during a panic attack more bearable.

5.   It Induces Euphoria

Euphoria is a state of immense happiness coupled with an elevated self-image and self-confidence. The feeling empowers you to break from your cocoon and feel confident enough to interact with other people and makes you more talkative and approachable.

Note that social phobia or social anxiety is also an underlying panic attack cause. Isolation from friends and family may also trigger panic attacks. Therefore, white Maeng Da may help you overcome your social anxiety and create a supportive social circle.

6.   It Facilitates Focus

Distractions are another technique for coping with panic attack symptoms. It entails selecting a specific focal point and channeling all your energy and attention toward it. The distraction helps you to stay put until the wave of panic wears off.

As previously stated, white Maeng Da kratom facilitates an increase in dopamine signaling intensity to promote motivation. Motivation and focus go hand-in-hand, and in this case, your motivation is to withstand the attack. So, the kratom strain helps you focus on a distraction rather than the intensity of your panic attack.


White Maeng Da has the potential to reduce panic attack’s frequency and intensity. However, research on kratom remains somewhat limited, and most of the associated benefits are from self-reporting. It’s alternative medicine, and you should seek doctors’ advice before taking kratom for panic attack management.

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