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The 3 Major Benefits of Taking Berberine Capsules

Those who are on the lookout for an excellent supplement to help optimize health should look no further than Berberine capsules. You stand to gain a lot of benefits from taking this product that is rooted in ancient Chinese medicine. Its undisputed results can be seen in the thousands of years that this herb has been used for a broad range of health issues.

Berberine is an alkaloid, which means it comes from nitrogenous compounds originating from plants. This highly beneficial product is actually extracted from several kinds of plants coming from the shrub group called Berberis. Because of its impressive list of benefits that have been proven in numerous researches and clinical studies, it is now a part of modern science. Read on below how you can benefit from taking berberine:

Helps Reduce Blood Sugar

Right now, one of the significant problems in the world is the increased number of cases of Type2 diabetes. Elevated blood sugar levels, either by insulin resistance or lack of insulin, causes millions of deaths annually. Over time, this condition damages the body’s tissues and organs, which leads to other complications.

With the help of berberine, you are able to decrease your body’s insulin resistance, making your blood sugar level go down naturally. Some studies show that berberine capsules are comparably as effective as the pharmaceutical product called metformin, glipizide, and rosiglitazone.

Berberine can slow down the breakdown of carbs in the gut while increasing the number of good bacteria. On top of that, it increases glycolysis, helping your body breakdown the sugars inside your cells. As a result, there is also decreased sugar production in your liver. Many people with sky-high blood sugar levels praise this product for normalizing their readings.

Aids in Weight Loss

Just like diabetes, the world is plagued with overweight and obese individuals. Taking berberine will help mitigate this issue as it is an effective weight loss aid. One 12-week study with obese participants asked them to take 500mg of this capsule three times a day. The results are an astounding five pounds weight loss with minimal effort. The group also lost a remarkable 3.6% of their body fat.

Berberine is also a tremendous metabolic aid. One research shows that those who took this for a period of 3 months, with a 300mg dose three times a day, dropped their body mass index (BMI) significantly. Obese participants lost belly fat while significantly improving several of their health markers.

If you take berberine, your body’s fat regulating hormones like insulin, adiponectin, and leptin function optimally. On top of that, this compound has been proven to reduce the growth of your body’s fat cells at the molecular level. Those who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight will find this product miraculous.

Lowers Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Issues

High cholesterol and heart disease are also detrimental to health. Unfortunately, many people in the modern world suffer from these issues. If you belong to this list, you will benefit from taking berberine as it is proven by clinical trials to lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, and apolipoprotein.

All of these will block your heart valves, ultimately leading to a heart attack. However, your risk factors for getting high blood pressure and a heart attack are significantly reduced while taking berberine. Additionally, you raise your good cholesterol or HDL with this health supplement, so aside from minimizing your risk for a myocardial infarction, you also decrease your chance of getting a stroke.

Other studies have begun to explore the benefits of berberine. Because it is a potent antioxidant, results show that it is powerful enough to reduce depression, lower the risk for some cancers, fight inflammation, and boost immunity to ward off diseases. For these reasons, including berberine in your lifestyle is a sound choice that will help you optimize your health in an all-natural way.

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