Diabetic Cystopathy

Diabetic cystopathy (DCP) is the most common complications in diabetes mellitus, prone to diabetic patients. The Symptoms of DCP are under-activity of the detrusor muscle and increased post-voiding residual volume, which would induce severe... Read more →

Coventional Versus Non-Conventional Medicine

Integrative medicine find its route from the mostly targeted medicine, slow or non-effective, personalized, traditional and old medication to improve personal health. Its methods may vary from ancient treatments,  but advantageous by involving... Read more →

Here’s How You Can Tell Nursing Home Abuse Signs

Seniors are at a risk of abuse or neglect at nursing homes or care facilities, owing to lack of resources, poor working hours, or understaffing. Most of these cases go unnoticed and are not reported. Nursing home abuse is unfortunately... Read more →
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