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7 Highest paid female news anchors of all the time

Talking about equality in this male-dominated society is taboo. However, there are many females who are breaking the norms and are fighting their way up the ladder, where both men and women are given equal pay. Similar is the case with these 7 highest-paid female news anchors, who are earning hefty checks for what they do the best.

While we must have only heard about huge celebrities who ask for high pay, there are many news anchors as well that make a good amount of money. And these seven women top the list of getting high pay. Observerdesk has researched and provided you with the seven highest-paid female news anchors of all time.

Seven highest-paid female news anchors of all time

Ann Curry from NBC

Ann Curry is a famous name in America and has previously been a co-host on the show, “Today in NBC.” When she was hired for this particular show, she earned an annual salary of around $12 million. However, when her co-host did not renew the contract, she lost this high-paying gig. In 2012, she was offered to be the news anchor for NBC News and was given an offer for $5million a year, which she accepted and today she is still counted among the highest-paid female anchors of all time.

Megan Kelly of The Kelly Five

In 2004 Megan Kelly was offered a role as a correspondent based in Washington by Fox News, which happened to be her big break. Prior to starting her own show that came on America Live, Kelly was a co-host at America’s Newsroom. Today, Kelly anchors her own show, “The Kelly Five” on Fox news and takes home around $6 million a year as her salary from the channel.

Emmy Award Winner Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, also known as an MSNBC breakout star, started working in 2008, and since then she hasn’t looked back. When Maddow joined MSNBC, she broke all the records of viewership with her show “ The Rachel Maddow Show.” The show also earned many accolades and awards, including an Emmy. On her show, her main focus was to bring the biggest news to the public’s eye and this idea made the show the most successful show on the channel. Not only did this make her famous but also brought viewership to MSNBC. Today she takes home around $7million a year.

Diane Sawyer from World News

Diane Sawyer has made her way out through the years. From starting as a correspondent in 1978, she has come a long way. Initially, she started at CBS. Later, in 1986, she stepped down from her position, when Richard Nixon was the President. She then changed many News channels including leaving Primetime Live on ABC and Good Morning America. Today, Sawyer makes around $12 million as the World news anchor.

Courtney Friel from KTTV

Currently reporting for KTTV in Los Angeles, Courtney Friel has also made to the list of the highest-paid female anchors of all time with a net worth of over $12 million. During her initial year, she started as a reporter in Los Angeles, California for Calif. Later she started sports anchoring for GoTV. Apart from that, she also made an appearance on Oxygen Channel and E! Entertainment. She also hosted World Poker Games. However, she got fame in 2007 when Fox News offered her a position. Along with her long portfolio, she has also worked for Maxima and FHM.

Tamron Hall from NBC

Tamron Hall is a true example of beauty with brains. With a Net worth of $5 million, Hall has made it to the list of 7 highest-paid female anchors of all time. Not only is she currently a national correspondent at NBC, but she also works as a daytime anchor at MSNBC and co-hosts News Nation along with Tamron Hall. Moreover, she is also a co-host of “Today Show” along with WIllie Geist and Roker. Her focus was always on journalism and the anchor desk, which is why, today she is the owner of her own show at NBC.

Brooke Baldwin from CNN

Paving her way from Washington DC and West Virginia to CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Brooke Baldwin is a force to reckon. She had been in the industry for quite a time, but her big break was in 2008 when she was offered an anchoring position from CNN world headquarters. Currently, she anchors CNN Newsroom from 2 pm to 4 pm and has become one of the highest-paid female news anchors. Currently, her net worth was estimated at 1.3 million US dollars.

These were the top 7 female news anchors who are the highest paid females in the news industry. These women are an example of if you want to, you can surely do it. We hope this list of seven wonderful women inspires you as well to achieve your goals regardless of any hurdles.

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