Why Bacteria Become Resistant to Antibiotics

Antibiotic resistance has potential to affect everyone. Most people would have heard about antibiotics resistance and show many are aware the cause of the current crisis is due to their overuse. But few know how and where the resistance... Read more →
Pharmacology of CNS Drugs

Pharmacology of CNS Drugs

Drugs affecting the central nervous system (CNS) were among first discovered by the primitive humans and are still the group of most widely used pharmacologic agents. In addition to their uses in therapy, many CNS-active drugs are used without... Read more →

Microarray: a Genomic DNA Analyzer

A microarray is a multiplex lab-on-a-chip, It is a 2D array on a solid substrate that assays large amounts of biological material using high-throughput screening miniaturized, multiplexed and parallel processing and detection methods. A... Read more →
Abstract blue molecular nanostructure model

Polymers- a significant branch of chemistry

Polymers are large, packed molecules either in crystalline or amorphous forms.  They are chemically described by its degree of polymerization, branching, molar mass distribution, tacticity, distribution of co-polymer, cross links, thermal... Read more →

Drug Over dosage- threat to life

Drug is a substance that changes person’s physical or mental state when ingested or introduced into the body. People take drugs for various reasons such as for medical or recreational purposes. When any drug is introduced into the body... Read more →