Effect of MKTP Surgery in Vitiligo patents

In a retrospective study, researchers found that large part of the skin treated with surgery still had a good to excellent color match pigmentation in next five years. Some of the treated areas like face, neck, hands, legs, feet etc. Nature... Read more →

The Power of Holy Basil

Ocimum tenuiflorum is also known as Ocimum sanctum which is a holy basil or tulasi. It is associate degree aromatic plant within the Labiatae which is a native to the Indian landmass. It’s an erect with several branched suffrage,... Read more →

Cleft lip and cleft palate

Cleft lip and cleft palate, which is known as orofacial cleft. These are facial and oral malformations  which occur early in pregnancy, while the baby is still developing inside the mother. Generally Clefting results when there is not enough... Read more →
tumor biomarkers

Molecular Techniques of Tumor Biomarkers

Biomarkers can be used for cancer diagnosis and epidemiology. In biomarker, a molecule secreted by a tumor or the biomarkers specific response to the bodily presence of cancer. Bookmarks importance in the development of new drug therapies... Read more →

5 Bad Habits Contact Lens Wearers Fall Into

While getting used to caring for your lenses is simple, it’s just as easy to slip into a few bad habits, especially if you are in a rush. We’ve listed some of the most common and why they should be avoided at all costs. Sleeping in Lenses: Unless... Read more →
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